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Film Name: Bojhena Se Bojhena

Director: Raj Chakraborty

Publisher: Shree Venkatesh Films

Starring by: Soham, Abir, Payel, Mimi


Two buses (Balurghat to Kolkata & One is Kolkata to Northbengal) colliding on the highway in Behrampore.The main reason was the irresponsible and rushed drivers. No,it has no any existence in reality.Its the story of Raj Chakrabarty’s new amazing film ‘Bojhena Se Bojhena’.
Yes the movie starts with this story and goes into an unexpected ending with tears of all audience.
Director Raj Chakraborty had embarked on making ‘Prem Amar 2′ (sequal of the film Prem Amar in 2009) which has a bigger star cast and a totally different plot, but at last the film was subsequently titled ‘Bojhena se Bojhena’. Although Soham and Payel are two of the lead actors, they have not been paired this film directed by Raj Chokroborty, a consistently successful director in Tollywood. Here instead of Payel, Mimi plays the opposite role of Soham and Payel has been cast opposite of Abir Chatterjee.
A love story with a tragic ending never fails to touch the hearts of the audience and all Tolly film lovers know how Raj Chakraborty can handle such this awsoume movie with his great experience.
Sohom (plays as Nur Islam) who worked in a lather company fall in love with Mimi (plays as Riya) and fortunately Payel (plays as Joyita) also get a expecting love from Abir (plays as Avik).
The dangerous incident of this two buses which include many of students who recently won their match in kabadi, a newly-wed couple, a guy taking his girlfriend to meet his parents, and girl traveling to Kolkata for the first time – all with their own hopes and own expectation that finished at a glance by aggrasive driving.
The music of the movie is composed by a newcomer Arindam Chatterjee. The music director is very confident about his debut and has composed some trendy, melodious and peppy Bengali film songs. It is said to have four songs which are shot at real locations.
But here Raj chokrabarty does a mindblowing thing which anyone can represent that “Raj Chakrabarty ek jaadu ki chhori he,yun ghumtha he or saarkare badal jatha heh“..You have to compromise your pocket money to watch it, to feel it, to love it, and at last you have to enjoy it..
On the whole, ‘Bojhena Se Bojhena’ has Raj Chakrabarty,Raj Chakrabarty and Raj Chakrabarty also fell,love and entertainment in large doses.The festive occasion [Christmas and New Year] will aid its potential.”Bojhena se Bojhena” is all set to win hearts and make the box office turn green with cash. Sure shot Blockbuster !



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  1. ranabir says:

    fata tati,darun boi.
    mind blowing entertaning movi.
    you gise must watch.
    100 out of 100

  2. tanmay says:

    Awsoume movie..miss korle postabe,,

  3. abhishek says:

    nice story & screenplay+good acting+excellent cinematography+strong direction= bojhena se bojhena. dont miss the movie.

  4. Prasanta Dhibar says:

    Raj da rock.

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