Khoka 420 (2013)

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Khoka 420 is a Trianguler love story bengali movie, Lead starcasting by Superstar Dev, Nusrat, Subhashree and Tapas Pal. Dev continued his copy filming by signing to this film’s agreement. 90% of dev’s films are copied from south indian movies. This film also a remake of telugu movie Brindavanam, Also called The Super Khiladi in Hindi version of the Film.

Khoka 420

Genre: Drama , Action , Trianguler Love

Produced by: Eskay Movies

Screenplay by: Eskay Digilab

Directed by: Rajib Kumar Biswas

Written by: Not available

Music by: Rishi Chanda

Lyrics by: Not available

Cinematography by: Not available

Editing by: Not available

Studio: Eskay Digilab

Language: Bengali

Release Date: 15 April 2013 (1st baisakh)

Runtime: Not available

Buget: Not available

Box Office: Not available

Official Website: No website.


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Khoka 420 Movie Still, Dev, Subhashree, NusratKhoka 420 Movie Still, Dev, Subhashree, NusratKhoka 420 Movie Still, Dev, Subhashree, NusratKhoka 420 Movie Still, Dev, Subhashree, Nusrat


Dev is the son of a multimillionaire. He has a love interest in nusrat, who has a friend subhashree. Subhashree’s father Tapas pal wants to get her married to someone who is a popular gunda of the area, which subhashree doesn’t like. Naturally, her paternal-grandfather bluffs to the family that she has already fallen in love with a guy in the city. Nusrat helps her by renting dev as her would-be, just to let her escape the wedding situation for the time being.

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  1. sudipta karmakar says:

    dev daa i am very happy for your new film khoka420 and i know khoka420′s next film chander pahar and i pray do near god j tomar sob film hit hobe.because i like u and ami tumi amar favorite daa daa.plse read my msg

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